Fonda Public Library

Long-Range Plan



Mission Statement


The Fonda Public Library improves residents’ quality of life by making the library a comfortable and welcoming place.  The library invites exploration of our physical and virtual collections, all designed to promote community resources, stimulate imagination, and promote lifelong reading.  


Community Input and Goals




We value education, which helps citizens reach their full potential and enables the community to have the power to create opportunity. As a value, education is characterized by quality opportunities for all ages, growth, achievement, lifelong learning, partnerships that provide a broad-based educational experience for all citizens, and is a strategic asset for the community to attract people and to recruit and retain businesses in the region.

We value community integrity, which supports a shared vision and created understanding and trust.  As a value, community integrity is characterized by civic integrity, honesty, communication, shared civic leadership, responsiveness, leadership development, individual participation, community connectedness, world-class reputation and identity, and the integrity of our businesses and their leaders.


LIBRARY GOAL #1: Residents will benefit from library-sponsored

Educational programming and current collections.  Over the next 3 years, the Fonda Public Library will increase circulation and attendance at sponsored programs.


  • Objective:  Library staff will promote services and educational programs through local advertising, through its website, and through social media (Facebook, etc)  

  • Objective: In 2019, Library will partner with another community organization to sponsor educational programming 

  • Objective: In 2019, Library will evaluate the currency of the collection through weeding and inventory, helping to ensure that the collection fulfills community needs and interests




We value our sense of community, which stabilizes the community and promotes belonging based on shared values, vision and cohesiveness.  As a value, our sense of community is characterized by an environment where the family unit can thrive, appreciation of diversity, religious freedom, public well-being, a safe community, caring neighborhoods, community spirit, and connected technological communication with the global village.


LIBRARY GOAL #2: Residents will benefit from access to information regarding community resources, groups, and organizations


  • Objective: In 2019, Library staff will contact city and county leaders to collect a list of services available in the Fonda area

  • Objective: In 2020, Library staff will update a library brochure with current community-wide services offered 

  • Objective: In 2020, Library staff will link area schools and libraries to Fonda PL web page and Facebook page



  • We value our interdependent natural and built environment, which sustains us, enriches our lives, enhances the community’s health and growth, and strengthens our recognition of the importance of individual stewardship of all resources.  As a value, our interdependent natural and built environment is characterized by clean air and water, healthy soil, healthy and attractive buildings and public spaces, effective planning, diverse plant and animal species, aesthetically pleasing landscapes and streetscapes, energy conservation, preservation of historical landmarks, outdoor art and renewable resources.


    LIBRARY GOAL #3:  Residents will enjoy a welcoming environment both physically and virtually


  • Objective: By 2019, contractors and volunteers will replace the carpet and paint the library

  • Objective: In 2019, the director will redesign library website with fresh home page and updated information pages

  • Objective: In 2019, Library will increase the number of posts on the Fonda PL’s Facebook page 




We value our Fonda heritage, which provides us with the lifestyle we enjoy and which we will enhance and pass on to our children.  As a value, our cultural, commercial, agricultural, and industrial heritage is distinguished by a rich history that needs to be preserved and by a shared hope that our children and our neighbors’ children will be able to pursue and achieve their dreams in our community made better by what we and others have done.


LIBRARY GOAL #4:  Residents will be able to honor the past, present, and future by accessing resources needed to connect to family histories and to community histories


  • Objective: By 2021, Library will provide an educational program to assist patrons interested in beginning genealogy research

  • Objective: By 2019, Library will link the community history archives and will post editions of local newspapers to the library's website.



Goal Monitoring:

The director will provide quarterly reports showing evidence of progress toward goal completion. The board will discuss the reports to determine steps necessary to fulfill the unmet goals. 

Adoption Procedures: The FPL utilized data from the Pocahontas County Cornerstone Core Values Report to create a mission statement and long-range plan that reflects the input of its patrons. Excerpts of the Cornerstone Report, that are reflected in our planning, are listed below. To view the document in its entirety, request access: Pocahontas County Cornerstone Core Values Report


Adopted 1-24-19 by the Fonda Library Board

Kayla Wingert 

Melissa Devereaux

Susan Hess

Jan Block

Rick Wadle



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